Rosenbauer conceives the future – today!

From megatrend to firefighting trend

The challenges of our time.

Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck

CFT technology in response to fire department megatrends.

The megatrends of our time and the future of firefighting technology.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know today what will happen tomorrow. However, to be able to forecast how the world will change in the future and how living conditions will develop can be determined by means of studies and research. The reflections on future events and the technical and social changes that will affect the fire departments and their organisation and technology, already in the third version of the company's own Firefighting Trendmap.

Rosenbauer cooperates with external research and educational institutions in the same way that its own  employees are involved in the innovation process. The decisive input as to how the firefighting technology will look in the future, however, always comes from the users, the fire departments. Rosenbauer is in constant, intensive dialog with them, because their expertise is ultimately the key to successful products.

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CFT in front of Linz Stahlwelt (world of steel)

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Rosenbauer conceives the future - today.

Innovative CFT technology in response to fire department megatrends

Engineered for the Future.

CFT video preview
Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck

The benefits are centre stage

What direct and indirect benefits does a new vehicle concept like the CFT entail based on the electric drive, the vehicle architecture, the optimized ergonomics and the special functionalities?

Direct and indirect benefits of the new vehicle concept
Utility CFT

Neo-ecology – more than just organic!

The increasing number of electric cars on the roads and an increase in environmental disasters are just a few of the challenges that have a substantial impact on the work of the fire services.

Neo-ecology represented by the trend map

Amsterdam fire department testing new hybrid fire truck

Pre-series vehicle based on the CFT to undergo extensive practical testing in a two-year innovation partnership.

Amsterdam fire department testing pre-series vehicle
Test vehicle in Amsterdam

Pre-series development in Australia

Rosenbauer Australia and the ACT Government together with the ACT Emergency Services Agency confirm innovative partnership

Pre-series development in Australia