The challenge of wildfire.
Detect. Act. Extinguish.

With climate change, wildfires are also becoming more frequent and more extreme: In many regions, the wildfire season is becoming drastically longer. As a holistic and global solution provider in the field of firefighting system solutions, we see it as our responsibility and task to make our contribution here as well.
Here, Rosenbauer can take a holistic approach to the challenge of wildfires with technical innovations and 150 years of know-how.


Know-How Management

Wildfire Action Map

The Wildfire Action Map combines expert knowledge and research findings and shows a variety of fields of action to be considered before, during and after a wildfire. The aspects included support in understanding the interrelationships and using them as food for thought for one's own starting position.

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Early detection and management.

Wildfire Service

Based on satellite data, fire sources are detected worldwide quickly, effectively and inexpensively. The view from space offers the perfect observation angle here. In addition, the Wildfire Service provides a wide range of functions from risk analysis to post-processing. 

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Wildfire Management Plattform

In combination with the RDS Tracking Solutions and RDS Connected Drones, the Wildfire Service becomes a management tool. The responsible emergency organizations are thus offered a comprehensive situation picture to effectively fight fires and protect personnel and vehicles.

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The M30T - the balance of power and portability. The all-rounder with IP55 protection class impresses in flight behavior and size and generates essential information with its RGB and thermal imaging cameras. This information can be evaluated directly on the remote control or in the RDS mission management systems.

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DJI M300

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK, with its 55min flight time and IP45 protection class, plays a decisive role in obtaining a complete picture of the situation. With payloads like the Zenmuse H20T, it becomes a flying sensor with rangefinder, infrared camera, and wide-angle and zoom images.

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DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise redefines industry standards for small commercial drones. With a 56x zoom camera, thermal imaging camera and RTK module for centimeter-level accuracy, the DJI Mavic 3E takes mission efficiency to a new level.

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DJI Connected Drones

RDS Connected Drone conveniently and efficiently connects your DJI Enterprise drone to the Digital Solutions product Connected Fleet and can optionally make selected content available in Connected Command as well.

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MT Forest

The MT Forest features high ground clearance and a low center of gravity and is equipped with a normal pressure and high pressure pump as well as a Variomatic system. The "Pump & Roll" function also enables safe firefighting operations while driving.

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Forest Fire Fighting Truck

The FFFT was designed specifically for the most difficult missions: Forest, wildland and vegetation fires. Thus, the all-terrain truck is made for rough terrain and inspires with further optimized and new features. 

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Technical equipment

Wildland fire pump set

The Wildland fire pump set set is a mobile unit for 2 persons for direct fire fighting even in rough terrain. The three-part set includes, among other things, a 1,6 kW (4 bar) self-priming motor pump, a 3 meter suction hose, a 30 liter transport backpack with water-carrying fittings and a wetting agent set.

Wildfire universal tool

The Gorgui V II hand tool combines the main components of three proven tools in one. For uncovering there is the long side of the McLoed tool. The short sides correspond to the Pulaski and can be used for cutting branches and roots. The serrated side is modeled after the Firerake and is suitable for clearing a firebreak. 

Backfire burner

The backfire burner is used to ignite backfires or to create aisles. The burner has an approval to transport fuel. It has 2 different safety systems: a check valve inside the cap, and a valve on the flow regulator.

Other wildfire accessories

Rosenbauer's portfolio also includes many other items of technical equipment that enable effective fighting of vegetation fires: whether this requires a wildfire backpack, a folding spade or a wildfire patch.

Optimized operations, thanks to optimal vehicles and best networking.

Any questions? Feel free to contact our wildfire expert team.