Rosenbauer’s electric line up.
Low Emissions. Sustainable. Efficient.

Alternative drive concepts are gaining more and more interest – in society and the various industries alike. As the market leader, we see it as our social responsibility to expand on this positive trend and contribute to the firefighting industry. We want to serve all firefighting applications with end-to-end e-mobility solutions and thus make our contribution to sustainability in mobility. Rosenbauer sees battery-powered electric drive concepts as the technology of the future in the firefighting industry. That is why we use "e-mobility" synonymous with alternative drive concepts. 


Alternative drive concepts.

Electromobility at Rosenbauer.

Rosenbauer brings the future of firefighting to the streets.

RT - revolutionary technology from Rosenbauer.

Electromobility at Rosenbauer

The beginning.

The first thoughts about our electrically powered CFT (Concept Fire Truck), which has now already matured into the RT (Revolutionary Technology) as a series product, began in 2011. 

One step ahead.

From the very beginning, we think one or more steps ahead and have a holistic view on system solutions. Trends, technological developments, and social and economic changes influence our development. 

150 years as a strong partner.

In our 150-year history as a provider of technology and solutions, we have always fulfilled our mission as a partner to fire departments in a responsible manner and we continue to regard this as our future responsibility. 

95% emission-free.

95% of all missions can be handled purely electrically. For the remaining 5%, in the case of major incidents, emergency services require systems that are capable of continuous operation. In addition to battery storage, chemical energy storage systems such as an Energy Backup System make sense in this case. 

Sophisticated solutions.

We can't help it: In keeping with Rosenbauer's genes, we think through all the arguments as comprehensively as possible and always seek the best solution for our customers. 


More than just a technology leader.

Rosenbauer is a competence leader for e-mobility. Technology serves as a vehicle for us to meet the challenges of the future. The focus lies on the needs of our customers and the functionality of our products. 

Functionality for tomorrow.

Our goal is to create a function-oriented vehicle architecture that meets functional and ergonomic requirements as well as operational needs in addition to environmental issues. In this context, e-technology is an essential building block "for that moment". 

In from the start.

As a system provider, we support our customers fully. Starting with concepting the vehicles to consulting on topics such as charging infrastructure. 

Lowering emissions.
Raising safety.

Rosenbauer and electro mobility.

With 150 years of experience and knowledge in firefighting, Rosenbauer understands and masters the technology of the industry. We are more than a technology leader and see ourselves as competence leader when it comes to "e-mobility". At all times, the focus is on the needs of the customers and the functionality of the products. 

Since 2011, we have been thinking one step ahead and facilitating our customers' entry into the change of technology. As the first e-vehicle manufacturer in the firefighting industry, we consider the issue of continuous operation from the very beginning and consistently implement this, which significantly distinguishes Rosenbauer from the competition. 

We have also put careful thought into the critical issue of disaster safety for electric vehicles and offer appropriate solutions. With precautionary measures such as an Energy Backup System, we can ensure the necessary functionality simultaneously with energy self-sufficiency, providing emergency forces with the best tool for any operational situation. 



Sustainable for society.

We stand by our responsibility.

We are in the midst of climate change and see e-mobility as the technology of the future. Rosenbauer wants to take responsibility in the industry and is specifically concerned with sustainability and the future. 

Role models in uniform.

Emergency response organizations, and fire departments in particular, have always had a role model function in society. Our e-vehicles enable our customers to supply electrical infrastructure with low-emission, sustainable energy during operations. 

Market development.

We assume that OEMs will hardly sell conventionally powered chassis from 2030 onwards. If they do, then only at very high prices. This will also impact system maintenance costs. 

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Rethinking the industry.

Developments in the field of e-mobility will lead to rethinking the deployment strategies of fire departments. Rosenbauer is already providing support and assistance in this process as the industry’s pioneer. 

Sustainable for people and the environment.

Locally emission-free.

Electric drives are locally emission-free and have no soot particle emissions. They are also quiet and so, do not cause any noise pollution for the environment. 

Energy Backup System.

For longer duration firefighting operations, the firefighting system cannot be operated without CO2 emissions yet and resorts to an Energy Backup System . However, in 95% of deployment scenarios in urban areas, local emission-free operation is already possible. 

Efficient use.

There is currently no more efficient drive concept than e-drive. Electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy in the best way possible and is the only form of energy that can be generated largely autonomously. 

Sustainable for the economy.

Longer service intervals.

Another advantage of electric drives: They require little maintenance. This is reflected in a long service life, high availability of the individual components and longer service intervals. 

Compact design, high efficiency.

Compared to conventional motors, electric motors are simpler and more compact. 

Robust design.

Fewer parts and less vibration: This makes electric motors quieter and more durable. 

Economical and efficient.

The economical electric motor gives the possibility of converting kinetic energy into electrical energy when braking. In conventional systems, this energy is normally lost in the form of heat. 

Sustainable in technology.

Perfectly controlled.

Controlled power delivery ensures a smooth ride and enables starting with maximum torque even on steep inclines. 

Less is more.

Because they have fewer moving parts than conventional motors, electric motors are more efficient and less susceptible to functional problems. 

Less emissions. More benefits.

Support for municipalities.

Policymakers are investing in environmentally conscious technologies and supporting the purchase of electrically-powered municipal vehicles with subsidies from public funds. In addition, all international airports have the goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2030. 

Investing in future technology.

On average, vehicles in the firefighting industry are purchased new every 20 - 30 years. But what if there are only electric vehicles from 2030? An early investment in e-mobility is also an investment in future security.  

Providing energy.

With the right equipment, an electric vehicle can provide emergency power for critical infrastructure or supply typical fire department consumers with emission-free energy for a while. 

Fewer emissions.
More safety.

The RT is based on a radical new design, making it unlike any other vehicle. It represents a milestone in firefighting technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the hybrid vehicle combines safety, ergonomics, functionality and digital operational support – with a strong focus on sustainability. Rescue workers, affected persons and local residents alike will appreciate this vehicle’s revolutionary technology and battery powered drive, enabling emissions-free and virtually silent operations. So the RT is setting new visionary standards in climate protection, noise control and health protection.

Among other highlights, we will present innovative and low-emission vehicles at our booth. In this context, specialist staff from our official co-exhibitor Volvo Trucks will also be on the spot to answer questions and provide expertise.

We see e-mobility as a manifold opportunity to offer revolutionary solutions that go beyond the mere electrification of the powertrain and the associated reduction of CO2 emissions in use. The reduction in noise emissions provides additional safety and effectiveness for emergency personnel. Noise reduction has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and communicate in what is already a very stressful situation. This makes any mission more efficient and safer.
Michael Wildling, Vice President Global Product Management & Innovation